Animal Spirits is a weekly podcast where I get together with my friend and colleague Michael Batnick┬áto discuss the what we’ve been reading, researching, writing, watching, listening to, and thinking about. We talk about all things financial markets, personal finance, our favorite books, movies, and TV shows, dad life, the asset management business and more. Our goal is the make finance more accessible, speak in plain English, and share our own personal experiences in the markets.

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Episode List

Ep.13 – Nobody Wants to Listen to Your Podcast

Ep.12 – The Melt-Up

Ep.11 – Hedge Fund Myths & Casual Investing Advice

Ep.10 – The Happiness Smile

Ep.9 – Invest Like the Worst

Ep. 8 – May Day

Ep.7 – A Random Walk Down Nowhere

Ep.6 – Bitcoin, Bubbles & Bananas

Ep.5 – Wave Pools & Market Inefficiencies

Ep.4 – Evidence-Based Investing Conference Post-Mortem

Ep.3 – The More You Pay, The Less You Get

Ep.2 – Investing is Game of Relative, Not Absolute Skill

Ep.1 – Animal Spirits Unleashed – How We Invest Our Own Money

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