Talk Your Book: An Alternative to Low Bond Yields

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by DPL Financial Partners:

We spoke with DPL Financial Partners founder and CEO David Lau about creating a marketplace for commission-free annuities for RIAs. If you’re an RIA, you can register here.

We discuss:

  • Why low rates have caused me to change my mind about certain investment products
  • How low rates are impacting advisor portfolio models
  • Fixed income alternatives
  • The riskiest asset you can put into your portfolio
  • How annuities work in a portfolio construct
  • The differences between bonds and annuities
  • How risk pooling leads to higher rates or return
  • What are the fees on annuities?
  • The various types of annuities
  • The use cases of annuities in a financial plan
  • The relationship between interest rates and annuity rates

Listen here:


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