Animal Spirits: Addicted to Trading

On today’s show, we discuss our trip to Charleston, slowing vs normalization of the economy, the loneliness of the American worker, Fed rate cuts, getting rich fast, degens trading options, car deals are coming back, the trust cost of home ownership, in defense of credit card reward hunting, the poor man’s Tom Cruise, and much more!

Talk Your Book: Utilizing Dividends for Income

On today’s show, we spoke with Chris Floyd, VP and Portfolio Manager for Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions to discuss:
– How rates affect high-dividend paying companies
– The low volatility aspect of the portfolio
– Utilizing REITs as an income driver
– Systematic approaches to screening out negative factors vs concentrating on positive factors, and much more!

Animal Spirits: The Consumer is Slowing Down

On today’s show, we discuss:
– What happens if the AI bubble bursts
– 200 years of stock market concentration
– How to find lower insurance premiums
– The bottom 50%
– The fentanyl of private markets
– Assets and debts across generations
– Middle age conversation starters, and more.

Talk Your Book: Supply and Demand Always Wins

On today’s show we are joined by Sal Gilbertie, CEO of Teucrium to discuss:
– The cost of production and commodities
– How inflation affects the cost of production
– How investors are utilizing Teucrium products
– What’s going on in cocoa, and much more!