Animal Spirits: Is the Stock Market Getting Ahead of Itself?

On today’s show, we discuss why the narrative changes for the economy on a weekly basis, the snapback rally in the stock market, trouble in the car market, the boom in entrepreneurship, putting tech layoffs into perspective, why the housing market might have a floor under it and much more.

Talk Your Book: The Biggest Short Squeeze of All Time

On today’s show, we are joined by Luke Oliver, Managing Director, Head of Climate Investments, and Head of Strategy at Kraneshares to discuss the biggest short of all time, how emissions are related to political risk, what drives carbon price, and much more!

Why Invest in Stocks When Bond Yields Are Higher?

In the fall of 1981 the yield on 30 year U.S. Treasury bonds hit 15%. Fifteen percent! For 30 years! One million dollars invested at that time would have been paying out $150,000 a year in interest for 3 decades.1 Can you imagine how much demand there would be for bonds yielding 15% for that long…

Animal Spirits: Is a Soft Landing Inflationary?

On today’s show, we discuss why people still invest in stocks even when bond rates are high, international stocks are on a tear, the 60/40 argument that never dies, the Fed vs. the bond market, record high dividends in the stock market, why it’s so hard to predict bottoms, Michael’s NY Giants playoff game experience & much more.