Animal Spirits: The Market Cap of Taylor Swift

On today’s show we discuss:
– One of the best years ever for the Nasdaq 100
– People who want to see the financial system burn
– Getting back on trend with economic data
– What if housing prices were just undervalued before the pandemic
– Canada vs. Miami housing prices
– Why married people are happier, and much more!

Animal Spirits: Are You on Track For Retirement?

On Today’s Show we discuss:
– The outlook for the 60/40 portfolio
– Dollar cost averaging into a bear market
– The evolution of retirement
– The best age for making good financial decisions
– The Fed cannot fix the housing market
– How HGTV ruined housing prices
– Hedging climate change risk, and more!

Talk Your Book: The Largest Active ETF

On today’s show, we had Hamilton Reiner, MD, PM, and Head of US Equity Derivatives at J.P. Morgan Asset Management to discuss:
– How $JEPI is constructed
– How volatility affects yield
– Why $JEPI has been so popular, and much more!

The Luckiest Generation

Baby boomers are by far one of the wealthiest generations the world has ever seen. The fact that there are more than 70 million people in this demographic helps but it’s also true that this is one of the luckiest generations in history when it comes to returns on financial assets. These are the total…