Animal Spirits: Who Owns the Stock Market?

On today’s show, we discuss the biggest difference between bull and bear markets, cyclical vs. secular bull markets, what’s wrong with Europe, Gen Z is obsessed with the stock market, spending on concerts, everyone is moving to the south, how the Fed can help the housing market, when to honk your horn, spending on groceries and much more.

Talk Your Book: Growth Stock Concentration

On today’s show, we are live from Charleston, joined by Kathleen McCarragher, a Portfolio Manager for Jennison Associates and Harbor Capital to discuss market concentration within the S&P 500, how growth managers combat high-flying stocks within the index, how interest rates affect valuation, and much more!

Animal Spirits: The Fed Needs to Cut

On today’s show, we discuss why it’s finally time for the Fed to cut rates, when valuations will matter again, the best hedges against an AI boom-bust cycle, what would cause housing prices to fall, no one moves anymore, how tragedy can provide some perspective on your finances, bull markets lead to lower crime rates, bad drivers, and much more!

Talk Your Book: A $20 Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity

On today’s show, we are joined again by Bob Long, CEO of StepStone Private Wealth to discuss:
– The basics of private credit
– How the Dodd-Frank Act affected the banking industry
– What types of deals StepStone is pursuing
– Why private credit earns higher yields, and much more!