Talk Your Book: Portfolio Premortem

On today’s show, we spoke to Fabric Risk Co-Founder, Rick Bookstaber about identifying risks for advisors, lifestyle characteristics and risks, the MSCI factor model, scenario testing, and much more.

Why I Remain Bullish on the United States of America

Following the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 a number of macro doom-and-gloomers began predicting a collapse of the U.S. dollar. The Fed was “printing” trillions of dollars. Interest rates had never been that low before. It was an appealing narrative if you were someone stuck in the negative feedback loop of the biggest economic crash…

Talk Your Book: Fixing Fixed Income

On today’s Talk Your Book, we spoke to Russell Feldman from IMTC on innovating the fixed income investment process, differences between trading stocks vs. bonds, risk management within fixed income, and much more.