Talk Your Book: Why Annuities Have Higher Yields Than Bonds

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by DPL Financial Partners:

We spoke with DPL Financial Partners founder and CEO David Lau about creating a marketplace for commission-free annuities for RIAs. If you’re an RIA, you can register here.

We discuss:

  • Was Squid Game an annuity?
  • Why should investors hold bonds with yields so low?
  • How liquid are annuities?
  • The two components of annuity yields
  • Why annuities are a better deal in a low interest rate environment
  • Why education is so important for yield replacement strategies
  • Is 70/30 the new 60/40?
  • How do annuities work from an operational perspective?
  • The practice management challenges from low rates
  • Where does the yield come from with annuities?

Listen here:


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