Animal Spirits: Free Oil

We discuss:

  • Does anyone believe in the stock market rally?
  • What constitutes a contrarian position right now?
  • Do we need a longer bear market for investors to panic?
  • What is going on in the oil market?
  • Oil vs Netflix
  • When will more companies begin cutting their dividends?
  • Who is hiring right now?
  • Maybe Amazon doesn’t need help from its associate’s program?
  • Is it finally a stock-picker’s market?
  • Why the market is nearly impossible to outperform in this environment
  • Is it even possible to make the bailouts/rescue funds fair?
  • Do U.S. stocks outperform foreign stocks because we don’t take care of our citizens as well as they do?
  • Did Munger and Buffett’s tolerance for risk change?
  • Why epidemiologists would make good Wall Street strategists
  • Overdraft fees eating up $1,200 checks and much more

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