Animal Spirits: Shopping Under the Influence

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We discuss:

  • How many people would’ve guessed the markets and economy would be where they are at the end of this decade?
  • The best charts of the decade courtesy of YCharts
  • Gas prices haven’t budged all decade
  • Why do people on Wall Street still do year-end forecasts?
  • Who does Jerome Powell follow on Twitter?
  • Different types of Twitter accounts
  • When will ETF assets surpass mutual fund assets?
  • How mom and pop passed the torch to wealth managers
  • The best reasons for continued U.S. dominance in the stock market
  • Why young people are watching less TV
  • The drunk shopping industry is a real thing
  • The best memes of 2019
  • The tooth fairy and Santa Claus
  • The excellent new Bob Iger book and much more

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