Talk Your Book: Finding Growth Stocks Around the Globe

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Polen Capital:

We spoke with Polen Capital’s Rob Forker about investing in small-cap growth stocks around the globe.

We discuss:

  • The barbell market in the fund industry
  • Why have European tech companies lagged Silicon Valley?
  • How international companies are using the U.S. tech roadmap
  • Why demographics don’t matter as much in small caps
  • Do you really need “boots on the ground” when analyzing foreign companies?
  • How do you maintain composure when investing in growth stocks?
  • Performing a pre-mortem before investing in a stock
  • What is the plan when a stock gets cut in half?
  • Are foreign small cap index funds worse than their U.S. peers?
  • Sugar high companies vs. high-quality companies
  • How or when to sell a stock
  • Who are the most patient investors?

Listen here:


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