Talk Your Book: Fixed Income Investing in a Low Rate World

Today’s Talk Your Book is brought to you by State Street:

We spoke with State Street’s Marvin Loh about all things fixed income investing and the difficulty of investing in a world with no yield.

We discuss:

  • How the bond market became untradeable in March
  • How the Fed fixed the credit markets
  • How much of what the Fed did was psychological?
  • How much more carnage would there have been without Fed support?
  • What else can the Fed do?
  • Why hasn’t the market priced in inflation yet?
  • Who is the biggest buyer of our government debt?
  • Would there have been a recession even without Covid?
  • Does the Fed have the ability to cap interest rates?
  • What are some sensible alternatives to high-quality bonds?
  • What do TIPS yields tell us about the economy?
  • Why own bonds in the first place right now with yields so low?
  • How do bonds look around the globe?

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