Talk Your Book: Investing in Fixed Income

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Smith Capital Investors:

We spoke with Gibson Smith, founder and CIO, of Smith Capital Investors about all things fixed income.

We discuss:

  • How has the bond market changed over time?
  • Why the interest rate market is not as easy as it looks
  • Why it’s easier to outperform in fixed income
  • Are flows impacting bond market performance?
  • Will baby boomers put a cap on rates?
  • Why rising rates are a good thing
  • What actually drives inflation?
  • How to judge a bond manager correctly
  • Holding individual bonds vs. bond funds
  • The importance of fiscal and monetary policy for bond investors
  • What is the differentiator in bond markets today?
  • How crazy were credit markets in March?
  • Do you have to be skeptical to be a bond fund manager?
  • Will we see 4% rates any time soon?

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