Talk Your Book: The Psychology of Investing in Bitcoin

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We spoke with our old friend Phil Pearlman about the crypto markets. Check out Phil’s writing here.

We discuss:

  • Making it easier for advisors to invest in bitcoin
  • Will a bitcoin ETF get approved in 2021?
  • Why bitcoin is the most fascinating asset in the world
  • Is bitcoin correlated to any other asset?
  • The 3 ways in which assets can behave
  • The 4 things that can happen to an asset following a bubble
  • Why crypto is the most dynamic market in the world
  • Why it’s normal to behave badly in markets
  • The multiple modes of psychology in the markets
  • How the financialization of crypto can change the market
  • The adoption curve of technology as it applies to bitcoin
  • What kind of asset is bitcoin?
  • How a bitcoin trust works

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