Animal Spirits: The Unluckiest Generation

We discuss:

  • 2020 vs. 1968
  • Putting your problems into perspective
  • Who is to blame for wealth inequality in America?
  • Why young people are so angry right now
  • Why working from home is a privilege
  • Why did the savings rate increase to 33%?
  • Why you can’t gauge the economy based on a single datapoint
  • Why don’t more companies cut pay instead of firing people?
  • Why is so much money pouring into airline stocks?
  • Carl Icahn takes a big L on Hertz
  • Losing your entire retirement betting on leveraged ETNs
  • What are retires supposed to do in a world with no yield?
  • The performance divergence between large and small companies
  • How often have stocks ever fallen 30% and risen 30% in the same year?
  • How are working parents going to handle childcare going forward?
  • Why isn’t childcare part of the public school system?
  • Will more people homeschool their children after this?
  • Will reading more investment books make you a better investor?
  • Teaching your children about money and much more

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