Animal Spirits Episode 60: Everyone Should Earn 3%

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben we discuss:

  • Robinhood’s debacle of a rollout for their checking & savings accounts
  • Or was this all a PR stunt? What does Ashton Kutcher think?
  • Do millennials even care about banking regulations?
  • Where can you find higher interest rates for your savings?
  • What can fund flows tell us about the markets?
  • How many country stock markets are in a bear market?
  • Can an individual stock be in a bear market?
  • How worried should we be about the size of student loans?
  • Does the good outweigh the bad considering the cost of taking on college debt?
  • The NY Times Style section wants to know if you’re ready for the financial crisis of 2019.
  • Do ex-FANG market valuations count?
  • How long should Twitter threads be?
  • What happens when someone from NYC takes you out to a restaurant?
  • Jimmy Butler’s minivan and much more.

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