Animal Spirits: The Recession is Over

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We discuss:

  • There’s a 30% chance Michael is going to end up in a Michael Lewis book
  • The massive amount of fiscal stimulus and what it might mean
  • Isn’t the inflation risk worth it if we can decrease child poverty?
  • What if inflation isn’t all bad?
  • Growth stocks have gotten wrecked
  • The second-guessing correction is here
  • Size is the enemy of outperformance for ARK
  • Speculation in NFTs is off the charts
  • First time home buyers are screwed in this market
  • Why now is probably a good time to rent for young people
  • Gen Z is in a much better place financially than millennials were
  • The best time in history to be an entrepreneur
  • Why crypto needs Wall Street
  • What if there’s not a huge spending boom like everyone thinks?

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