Animal Spirits: The Historic Surge in Unemployment

We’re still doing two episodes until things calm down.

We discuss:

  • Scary economic data is finally here
  • Will the government need another round of fiscal stimulus?
  • Whey “I don’t know” is the right mindset at the moment
  • What’s the best case scenario for this?
  • The wide range of economic and market outcomes
  • What do you do now if you sold out of stocks?
  • The domino effect on businesses
  • Contingency planning with your portfolio
  • Are FIRE people in trouble?
  • Who gets hit the hardest when tenants can’t pay their rent?
  • How do mom and pop restaurants survive this?
  • Are there any savings account alternatives with decent yields?
  • When to rebalance
  • Should people buy stocks with home equity?
  • The best time of day with young kids and much more

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