Animal Spirits: The Great Unwind

Still plenty of stuff to talk about so we’re doing two shows for the foreseeable future.

We discuss:

  • Fear and anxiety coming in waves
  • How long until we get a vaccine?
  • The massive collaboration in science going on
  • March was the most volatile market ever
  • Should we really expect companies to prepare for something like this?
  • What is the small business impact going to look like?
  • Do private equity-owned companies deserve a bailout too?
  • Are we going to have a recession for the rich but a depression for the poor?
  • How many companies will go under because of this?
  • Will some workers be re-hired right away?
  • What happens when businesses or individuals can’t pay rent?
  • Should we have a 3 month moratorium on rent/mortgage payments?
  • The fiscal rescue plan is a good thing for low income households
  • Inequality in the virus
  • Why people working on the front lines deserve a raise
  • Is Zoom here to stay?
  • Is the NFL season going to be pushed back?
  • Podcasts are in a bear market and much more

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