Animal Spirits Ep. 79: Remember Gchat?

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We discuss:

  • Tesla’s huge drawdown
  • Why making your stock bets public makes it harder to have an open mind
  • How our perceptions about retirement change over time
  • Why does Uber lose so much money?
  • Michael’s Avenger: End Game review (and why I’m a hypocrite about that movie franchise)
  • How Charles Schwab seems to toe the line between bank and fund firm so well
  • Will people drop Netflix for Disney+?
  • How Americans have spent their money over the past 75 years
  • Do young people require a financial advisor more than old people?
  • Millennials need to check their savings expectations
  • Remembering things of the past that are basically gone
  • The name for our new podcast
  • How to teach your kids about money
  • Should we be saving for retirement for our kids?
  • Where to put your money when saving for a house and much more

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