Animal Spirits: Hyperinflation, It’s Happening

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We discuss:

  • Is Tesla the most impressive stock of this cycle?
  • Why you shouldn’t waste your time worrying about risks in the market
  • Inequality in the stock market
  • Why does Congress still get to trade individual stocks?
  • Boomers are coming for crypto with lots of money
  • Will Bitcoin’s market cap surpass gold’s?
  • Why do so many rich people predict hyperinflation?
  • What would it take for actual hyperinflation to show up?
  • How can wages rise without commensurate inflation?
  • Why are so many people quitting their jobs?
  • When are the robots coming for more jobs?
  • The used car market is insane right now
  • Is Toronto the craziest housing market on the planet?
  • How many people still watch cable TV?
  • Does it ever make sense to use leverage in a prudent manner in your portfolio?
  • Our Dune review and much more

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