Talk Your Book: Protecting the Tails

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Simplify Asset Management.

We spoke with Simplify CEO and co-founder Paul Kim about their new ETF lineup.

We discuss:

  • Hedging both tails (big gains and big losses)
  • Paying an insurance premium for a hedge
  • Starting a new investment firm during a pandemic
  • What does convexity mean?
  • How to think about the use of options in an investment strategy
  • How to prepare for a melt-up and melt-down
  • Buying out of the money puts and calls
  • How options can help protect your portfolio
  • What’s the worst-case scenario for a hedged strategy?
  • Going long volatility
  • The operational strategy behind buying options
  • Who is the natural buyer for an options-based strategy like this?

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