Common Sense Links For The Week

  • Any NFL players need a financial advisor? (Yahoo!)
  • Are we still in a secular bear market? (Big Picture)
  • How to invest in a low growth world (GMO)
  • The real losers in this economy (Yahoo! Finance)
  • How to protect your stock gains (WSJ)
  • It’s always good to be honest about your mistakes in the investing world (Washington Post)
  • Why we fear simple money solutions (NY Times)
  • Speculation can hurt (NY Times)
  • Don’t listen to analyst stock predictions (NY Times)
  • Breakdown dead ahead? (MSN)
  • Active manager performance (Big Picture)
  • No savings at 40 but retired at 60 (Yahoo! Finance)
  • 5 retirement choices (Money)
  • Economic predictions are still terrible (Big Picture)
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