Animal Spirits: Dead Cat Bounce?

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We discuss:

  • Don’t allow political beliefs do cloud your judgment during a crisis
  • Putting the economy on ice
  • How about a no layoff pledge from CEOs?
  • The response from the public sector
  • When risk changes shape during a crash
  • Behavioral change and unintended consequences during the shutdown
  • Our capacity for taking on debt as a country
  • What if we don’t get inflation from all of this government spending?
  • Why the U.S. dollar is still king
  • Was that a dead cat bounce or a bottom?
  • Why so many investors are going to miss the recovery (whenever it happens)
  • Experience may not help you invest during a crash
  • Did the 60/40 portfolio die again?
  • Will rebalancing put a floor under the market?
  • When should you rebalance?
  • Vanguard investors aren’t panicking yet
  • Businesses that won’t be impacted by the shutdown
  • The new season of Ozark and much more

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