Animal Spirits: Business in a Box

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael and Ben we discuss:

  • What to make of negative interest rates
  • Who is buying these bonds with negative rates?
  • The new Apple credit card
  • What I wish I knew at age 34
  • SPY and the last survivor
  • The growth in takeout food
  • If we’re at the low point of start-up creation where is all the VC money going?
  • Why fly swatters can’t be disrupted
  • How Planet Fitness hacked human nature to build a giant gym business
  • Why fewer people are going to the movies every year
  • Why do millennials have no friends?
  • What asset will be the best performer over the next 10 years?
  • Why aren’t more deals in sports done by quants?
  • Should you treat a pension like cash or bonds?
  • Why watching movies from the 1990s feels like 50 years ago and much more

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