Talk Your Book: The Case For Investing in Farmland

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Acre Trader:

We spoke with Acre Trader CEO Carter Malloy about investing in farmland as an asset class.

We discuss:

  • Is farmland the oldest retirement plan in history?
  • Why does Bill Gates own so much farmland?
  • What is farmland correlated to?
  • How big is farmland as an asset class?
  • The two types of returns for farmland
  • What makes a farm a good investment?
  • The two primary crop types to invest in
  • The correlation between commodities and farmland
  • What is the biggest risk of investing in farmland?
  • What is the S&P 500 Index for farmland?
  • How it works if you want to invest with Acre Trader
  • What is the liquidity and time horizon profile for farmland?
  • Is there any overlap between farmland and real estate?
  • How to diversify in farmland
  • How farmland protects against inflation
  • Why hasn’t farmland been financialized before?
  • How to perform due diligence about investing in farmland

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