Animal Spirits Episode 30: What It Takes To Be Wealthy

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben we discuss:

  • Are Jack Bogle and Vanguard actually underrated?
  • Why closet indexing will never die.
  • Why money is flowing out of growth funds even though they’ve outperformed.
  • How much should 35 year-olds have saved for retirement?
  • How different demographics define the term “wealthy.”
  • Why “thinking outside the box” is not an investment strategy.
  • Hedge fund manager David Einhorn’s performance struggles.
  • When portfolio managers don’t see mean reversion.
  • Why financial fraud will always be an issue.
  • 2008 market outlooks.
  • Chart crimes.
  • What impact will rising mortgage rates have on the real estate market?
  • Nicolas Cage movies, correlation & causation and much more.

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