Animal Spirits Episode 49: Buy The Housing Dip

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben we discuss:

  • The new Howard Marks book.
  • Do super-investors like Marks & Buffett actually do more harm than good?
  • The humble beginnings of the first Vanguard index fund.
  • How to call a market top without calling a market top.
  • How SoftBank’s vision fund will impact the VC world.
  • A handful of different asset allocation models.
  • The Permanent Portfolio mutual fund.
  • Are we wrong to be an anti-survey podcast?
  • The fraud of the week and how to spot a Ponzi scheme.
  • Will profit margins ever mean revert again?
  • Can you wait to buy the dip in housing prices?
  • Tom Cruise with a swing and a miss.
  • Some of my high school secrets and much more.

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