Animal Spirits: Whatever it Takes Squared

We discuss:

  • Warren Buffett’s thoughts on the Fed, buybacks and fat pitches
  • Newsflash: Nouriel Roubini is bearish
  • Inflation at the grocery store
  • Why aren’t gas prices lower?
  • Why it’s such a good thing we kept markets open
  • Commodities vs gold
  • The rush to safety in money market funds
  • The psychological component of the Fed
  • Would it have been political suicide for Amazon to have a massive profit last quarter?
  • When will the government come for the biggest stocks in the S&P 500?
  • The pain in malls and retailers is just beginning
  • The 2019 IPO class is holding up pretty good this year
  • Why don’t more mall stores go completely online?
  • The increased usage of credit cards during the crisis
  • What would have been a better way to handle auto and airline bailouts this century?
  • Oscars for comedies and much more

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