Animal Spirits: Bailing Out Main Street

For the foreseeable future, we’re going to two podcasts a week. Markets are crazy and there’s plenty to talk about.

We discuss:

  • The wreckage going on in businesses all across the globe?
  • Doesn’t main street deserve to be saved more than Wall Street?
  • Searching for some positives in a negative world
  • How high could unemployment get?
  • How much could GDP fall?
  • Why the Great Depression comparisons don’t hold water
  • Why are bonds selling off here?
  • Does winner-take-all only get worse from here?
  • Will an entire generation of entrepreneurs be lost?
  • How are hedge funds holding up?
  • What are the lingering effects of this crisis going to be?
  • Will the recovery be as vicious as the downturn?
  • Are algos making things worse in the market?
  • Why they shouldn’t shut down markets
  • Is this 2008 or 1929?
  • Is China a light at the end of the tunnel for us?
  • Is the advertising industry toast as well?
  • Rebalancing, dry powder, asset allocation and more

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