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We discuss:

  • Are the tech companies going to make us all fat and lazy?
  • Some good news for once in retirement saving data
  • The huge growth in tax-deferred accounts
  • How the S&P 500 has changed over the years
  • Why is growth destroying value?
  • Why does Uber lose so much money?
  • IPO performance
  • There are a lot of billionaires in San Francisco
  • Is it time to break up Facebook?
  • How much the average American spends on “nonessentials”
  • How long to investors hold ETFs before selling?
  • Roth IRA vs paying off student loans
  • What’s the ideal timing for dollar cost averaging a lump sum?
  • Why is it so hard to beat the S&P 500?
  • How to lose weight and much more

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