Talk Your Book: Investing in Commodities

Today’s Animal Spirits: Talk Your Book is presented by Graniteshares:

We discuss:

  • Boom and bust nature of commodities
  • What is the role of commodities in a portfolio — manage risk or price appreciation?
  • Why would commodities add a risk management component to a typical portfolio?
  • Do commodities need inflation to do well or is it about supply and demand?
  • Should commodities be used for buy & hold or a tactical position?
  • Is technology a headwind for commodities?
  • Why is it so hard to match the return on actual commodities?
  • The difference between commodity prices and commodity futures.
  • What is the S&P 500 index of the commodity world?
  • Are commodities a neglected part of the portfolio?
  • Why should gold have a positive expected return?
  • Is Bitcoin the new gold?
  • Is Bitcoin a commodity?
  • What is the expected return assumption for gold?
  • Why are there no oil bugs?

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