Animal Spirits: An Affordability Crisis

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We discuss:

  • Housing markets that are becoming unaffordable?
  • But what if housing isn’t as expensive as you think?
  • What are the lasting impacts of the work from home trend?
  • There are more realtors than houses for sale right now
  • Why would young people want to work for Goldman Sachs?
  • Who gets what for the child tax credit?
  • How much money do you need to make to be considered rich?
  • A reminder that government debt is a liability for the country but an asset for investors too
  • Who owns all of our government debt?
  • Is ‘fair value’ the most useless phrase in finance?
  • Will brokerages start offering a match for deposits?
  • How much of a game-changer are electric vehicles
  • Cathie Wood’s new Tesla price target
  • How should you benchmark yourself financially against your peers?

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