Animal Spirits: We Should Be In a Bubble

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We discuss:

  • The roommate theory of the Internet
  • The 5 big tech stocks are unbelievable companies
  • Why the stock market should be in a bubble right now
  • Would the stock market be higher if crypto didn’t exist?
  • Picking stocks is harder than you think
  • The pros and cons of Robinhood
  • Will Robinhood be bigger than Coinbase? How about Charles Schwab?
  • If you want people to save more money then pay them more money
  • Restaurants are going to be forced to pay higher wages
  • Millennials are buying houses
  • Why aren’t banks doing HELOCs right now?
  • Will it be harder for millennials to get rich than their parents?
  • Where to park your savings for a house down payment
  • Bill Murray stories and more

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