Talk Your Book: Investing in Commodities

Today’s Animal Spirits: Talk Your Book is presented by USCF Investments:

We sat down with Geert Rouwnhorst of the Yale School of Management and John Love of USCF Investments to talk about all things commodities.

We discuss:

  • The difference between commodities futures and the prices you see in the media
  • Why it’s impossible to track spot commodities prices one-for-one
  • Understanding what a product like USO does in terms of tracking oil prices
  • Tactical vs buy-and-hold when using commodities
  • What are the main factors driving the prices of commodities
  • Commodity futures returns back to 1871
  • What does the past mean for the future or commodities?
  • How does technology impact the prices of commodities?
  • What happens to commodities in a world with low growth & low inflation?
  • What sort of expectations should investors have for commodities?
  • What causes the price regimes in commodities?
  • Geopolitical event impact on oil prices

Listen here:


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