Animal Spirits Episode 55: How to Create the Perfect Fund

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben we discuss:

  • Is universal basic income feasible in the US?
  • How much would it cost to give everyone aged 18-65 $1,000/month?
  • What does the perfect hedge fund look like?
  • What do investors expect from their liquid alts & hedge funds anyways?
  • Why isn’t the language of money mandatory in schools?
  • Should Robinhood customers care their trades aren’t really “free”?
  • The ridiculous cost of buying a home in California.
  • Is social media or income inequality to blame for the decline in youth sports participation?
  • Why are Wall Street firms selling less research to clients?
  • How should you think about dollar cost averaging in terms of your income variation?
  • Does is ever make sense to pay a high fee for a fund?
  • Career advice for a new mom and much more.

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