Animal Spirits: And Then I Got Scammed

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We discuss:

  • Is Chamath really the next Buffett?
  • How social media has warped our brains
  • Guy Fieri and investing in the internet age
  • Why is it so hard to send people money digitally?
  • Are stablecoins the next money market funds?
  • Why it’s so easy to get scammed in crypto
  • Are any older investors into crypto?
  • Two things people hate: inflation and taxes
  • Rents are down big in large cities
  • Why housing is a good inflation hedge
  • Does it make sense to sit out the housing market right now?
  • If you’re still worried about money, you’re not really wealthy
  • Why did people look so old in the past?
  • The Mare of Easttown finale and more

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