Animal Spirits: Existential Hurricane

We discuss:

  • A second wave of worries about the economy
  • How do restaurants survive this crisis?
  • Could we see multiple economic pullbacks this year?
  • Why the government has to extend the unemployment boost
  • The Fed is worried about the banks — should you?
  • What if low rates are here to stay for a long time?
  • Why working from home may have legs
  • Is New York commercial real estate a big short?
  • How bad would things look for Berkshire if Buffett didn’t buy Apple?
  • Concentration in the stock market is the old normal
  • Why shouldn’t people just put all their money into big tech stocks?
  • An explosion in speculation of tech stocks
  • Now show small cap value in Japan
  • Is the travel industry changed forever?
  • Is it time to break up the big tech stocks?
  • How do TIPS work?
  • Should we replace bonds with CDs?
  • Inflationary scars from the 1970s and more

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