Talk Your Book: The DAO of DeFi Index Funds

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Index Coop:

We spoke with Mike Taormina from the Index Cooperative about how a DAO is allowing investors to access crypto and DeFi index funds.

We discuss:

  • Why so many people with traditional finance backgrounds are getting into DeFi
  • How an asset management firm was created on the blockchain
  • What even is DeFi?
  • Why incentives are so important for DeFi
  • The two main things to do on DeFi
  • How to get word of mouth marketing
  • How to create index funds for DeFi
  • How to buy the DeFi Pulse Index
  • What moves the price of various DeFi tokens?
  • The difference between a governance token and shares of a public company
  • How does a DAO actually work?
  • The pros and cons of the DAO structure
  • Smart contract risk
  • What are some of the risks of having an asset manager on chain?

Listen here:


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