Animal Spirits: The Big Squeeze

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We discuss:

  • All things Gamestop
  • How wealth inequality and the 2008 crisis drove last week’s outrage
  • The role of short-sellers and hedge funds
  • The David vs. Goliath story of WSB vs. Melvin Capital
  • Our biggest worry about this whole ordeal
  • The danger of markets becoming a pop culture phenomenon
  • Wall Street always gets a cut but the retail investor is now winning more often
  • What really happened with Robinhood?
  • Why people care more about conspiracy theories than the true boring explanation for this
  • Is Robinhood the Facebook of finance?
  • How did Robinhood raise $3.4 billion so quickly?
  • Speculation and short-covering are red-lining
  • Why didn’t the stock market flinch from this mania?
  • What does this mean for the broader market?

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