Re-Kindled: The Big Short

It’s been almost a decade since The Big Short by Michael Lewis came out and I recently realized I’d forgotten too much of this wonderful book.

So Michael and I decided to re-read this one and turn our discussion about it into a new podcast called Re-Kindled.1

We will be doing more of these in the future so if you have any ideas about books to cover feel free to email us at

On this show we discuss:

  • Is this the GOAT finance book?
  • Did this book make people worse investors?
  • Was this a once in a lifetime trade?
  • The genius of not profiling John Paulson for this book.
  • The types of financial products that attract sleazy characters.
  • The many terrific characters in the book.
  • How crazy the subprime mortgage market was.
  • How is it possible no one went to jail?
  • Michael Burry vs. Joel Greenblatt
  • Why it’s so hard to make money on big trades.
  • Steve Eisman vs. Bill Miller
  • The guys who started a hedge fund from their garage and made out big.
  • The role of the ratings agencies in the crisis and much more.

Listen here:

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1The original name we chose was Turn the Page but Re-Kindled was a late submission that was the clear winner.