Animal Spirits: The Golden Age of Fraud

We discuss:

  • How is it possible to have a situation that so closely looks like the late-1990s again?
  • Is technology speeding up market cycles?
  • Everyone has day-trading anecdotes now
  • Why the risk of fraud is so high right now
  • Why predicting the outcome of all this market gambling is so difficult
  • Residential real estate is red hot; commercial real estate is not
  • Millions of Americans have moved during this crisis
  • Will WFH kill commercial real estate in big cities?
  • How reliant is the economy on fiscal stimulus right now?
  • The stock market vs. the economy
  • Are airlines in worse shape than we think?
  • Why didn’t free ETFs take off more than they did?
  • Are active mutual funds toast?
  • Why is gold hitting new highs?
  • Tom Hanks talking history and much more

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