Animal Spirits Episode 71: Supremely Efficient Markets

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We discuss:

  • Massive V rallies in stocks
  • Did the Fed turn millennials into socialists?
  • Why real estate prices haven’t done as well as you think?
  • Why have U.S. stocks dominated the last century?
  • How to run a Ponzi Scheme in a post-2008 world
  • Free ETFs
  • Social media trauma
  • The 80/20 rule in online content
  • Why are so many NBA players unhappy?
  • How much is enough for retirement
  • Should you make early mortgage payments?
  • Should you average down in your company stock?
  • My favorite new comedy TV show and much more

Listen here:

Stories mentioned:

Books mentioned:

  • Enough by Jack Bogle
  • Tribe by Sebastian Junger

Charts mentioned:

TV Shows/Movies/Podcasts mentioned:

  • Friends From College (Netflix) – One of my favorite comedies in a while and the best part is the episodes are under a half hour each.
  • Lars & The Real Girl (Amazon Prime) – A re-watch from 2007 or so. The story is a little out there but Ryan Gosling was great and it’s one of the most unique movies of the past decade or so.
  • Jim Gaffigan (Amazon Prime) – Michael was a fan of this one. Gave it 7.2 out of 10.
  • The Pete & Sebastian Show – Sebastian Maniscalco details what it’s like sitting in the last row at the Oscars even when you’re the 4th lead in the movie that won Best Picture (Greenbook).

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