Animal Spirits: The Smart Money

We discuss:

  • Is the bond market really the smart money?
  • Why aren’t bond yields rising is inflation is coming?
  • Can the Fed keep a lid on rising rates?
  • Where have all the small public companies gone?
  • The Stubstack bull market
  • Fractional investing is a win for investors
  • Why is gold rising?
  • Where does GLD buy all its gold from?
  • The eviction crisis
  • What is Bill Gates optimistic about?
  • What is life doesn’t get back to normal until the end of 2021 or 2022?
  • Why Twitter and TikTok should merge
  • stock is on fire
  • Retail bankruptcies are piling up
  • Why the big tech companies should borrow more money
  • Top Gun and much more

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