Animal Spirits: The Fed’s Bazooka

Thursday was another wild day in market-related news and we taped just after it all came out.

We discuss:

  • More bad news on the unemployment front
  • The Fed is not messing around
  • Is the Fed impacting price discovery? Does it matter?
  • Why markets are so confusing right now
  • What if this isn’t a bear market rally? What if that was THE bottom?
  • My new theory about the future of stock market returns
  • What does a contact tracing world with the coronavirus look like?
  • What will change the most following this crisis? What will stay the same?
  • Vanguard investors bought the dip and millennials sold it
  • Why markets are so hard to figure out
  • How many people went to cash last month?
  • A tail risk fund that worked really well
  • Disney+ is a beast
  • What’s going to happen to Airbnb?
  • Who is buying cruise ship bonds right now?
  • What happens to all the zombie companies?
  • Inequality and the art market

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