Animal Spirits: Physical Delivery

We discuss:

  • What is happening in the oil market?
  • Why speculating in futures contracts can end up bad
  • Is it possible to lose money when you by oil below $0?
  • Are “normal” investments the winner during this crisis?
  • If you send people money right now they will spend it
  • How much bigger is the fiscal stimulus going to be?
  • Did the banks give preferential treatment for PPP loans?
  • Winner-takes-all in the banking world
  • Is the Fed going to have to bailout mortgage servicers?
  • Is private equity out of luck when it comes to fiscal stimulus?
  • Why the stock market is confusing at the moment
  • How big can the tech stocks get?
  • What happens to malls if department stores die?
  • How much retail share is Amazon going to get from this?
  • How bad will things get for colleges in the fall?
  • Why does the stock market keep rising on bad economic data and more

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