Animal Spirits: Who Are the Losers?

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We discuss:

  • How much do mutual fund flows really matter for the markets?
  • Passive bubbles don’t make sense
  • Haven’t small cap stocks always been underfollowed?
  • Harder to predict: interest rates or the stock market?
  • Financial literacy differences between men and women
  • The Peloton IPO
  • Who is the loser if Peloton is successful?
  • What do “normal” interest rates look like?
  • Why the Fed is not our savior
  • Why good enough targetdate funds succeed
  • Is the behavior gap overstated?
  • A new measure of market volatility
  • Why uncertainty is always high
  • Will Smith and Jay Z get into the life insurance biz
  • Subscriptions for everything (even a Porsche)
  • Childcare costs more than most colleges
  • What’s the worst that could happen to bonds?
  • What’s the best Disney song ever and much more

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