Animal Spirits Episode 35: Individual Alpha

On this week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben we discuss:

  • Are household allocations to stocks too high?
  • Is Robinhood positioning to be the bank of the future for Millennials?
  • Collective investment trusts are way bigger than we thought.
  • How to plan your personal finances with inconsistent income.
  • The kind of money that can increase your happiness.
  • A new ETF that promises a 7% annual payout.
  • What Cliff Asness doesn’t know.
  • Why value is more volatile than momentum.
  • The problems with CAPE.
  • How to make better forecasts.
  • Placebo effects and mean reversion.
  • The biggest investor worries of the moment.
  • Why 1990s tech bubble comparisons don’t hold water.
  • How likely is it that you’ll be rich?
  • Why Ponzi schemes will always exist.
  • Are personalized index funds the next big fund trend?
  • Young investors using leverage and much more.

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