Animal Spirits: Housing Prices Are Still Too Low

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We discuss:

  • Where we are mentally with the pandemic
  • Should we listen to what the stock market is telling us about Omicron?
  • Why did the stock market finally care about a new variant?
  • Why has Twitter’s stock performed so poorly?
  • Gap vs. Banana Republic vs. J Crew
  • How big is Zoom in the business world?
  • The 2 strategies for holding growth stocks
  • What happened to Robinhood’s stock?
  • Tesla dominates the options market
  • How high is economic growth going to be the remainder of the year?
  • Why are profit margins so high is costs have risen so much?
  • Why housing prices still have some upside
  • I’m still having a hard time coming around to the idea of the metaverse
  • Entourage vs. Succession

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