Talk Your Book: Investing in Bitcoin

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by BlockFi:

We spoke with BlockFi founder and CEO Zac Prince about all things crypto.

We discuss:

  • Why is bitcoin so difficult to understand?
  • Why bitcoin needs the dollar
  • How bitcoin has evolved
  • Why this is different than 2017
  • How Michael and I think about and invest in this space
  • How you can earn interest on your cryptocurrency
  • How is crypto regulated?
  • How does custody work for crypto assets?
  • How is the current bitcoin bull different than the 2017 iteration?
  • Borrowing, lending and earning interest on cryptocurrencies
  • How can BlockFi offer such high rates of interest on crypto?
  • What is the best-case scenario for bitcoin?
  • Is bitcoin digital gold?
  • What is the point of alt coins?

Listen here:


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