Talk Your Book: Where to Find Yield on Your Cash

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Groundfloor:

We spoke with Groundfloor co-founder and CEO Brian Dally about earning high yields investing in real estate debt. And check out Stairs to learn how you can earn 4-6% on your cash.

We discuss:

  • How the short-term borrowing market works in residential real estate
  • How Groundfloor is able to pay out 4-6% yield with short-term liquidity
  • What is the real risk of investing your money in something like this?
  • Thinking through counterpart risk
  • The similarities between Groundfloor and BlockFi
  • What would cause these yields to rise or fall?
  • How Covid and the labor market shortage has impacted housing renovations
  • How does the underwriting process work for housing renovation loans?

Listen here:


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