Animal Spirits: The Four Most Dangerous Words in Podcasting

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We discuss:

  • Are there more unicorns now because there’s more money in venture capital?
  • How IPOs are doing against the market
  • Why we’re bullish on the next gen of retirement savers
  • Why plan design matters more than anything in getting people to save more
  • The economics of the electric scooter business
  • Mary Meeker’s most important trends on the Internet
  • Stop comparing the US government to a household budget
  • Is the personal finance industry a scam?
  • What % of personal finance advice actually works?
  • What works better — fitness advice or finance advice?
  • Sometimes it really is different in the markets
  • Is QE all psychological?
  • Will Social Security run out of money?
  • The RV indicator
  • Why do we need inflation at all?
  • The CFA vs. MBA decision
  • My Apple Watch review
  • My epiphany about why there are no good movies anymore and much more.

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